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How do you define your style?

We have an off-the-cuff approach that captures the best of you on your day. We love moments, real moments. Combine them with creative portraits that keep you engaged and moving and you get a coverage of your event that is not only beautiful, but also authentic.

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How many photographers & videographers will be at my event?

If you have a 300-600 person crowd, 2 photographers, 2 videographer plus one assistant is the norm. But then we shoot a lot of events that are unique: we customize the coverage on what you need. In weddings, this team size will ensure both groom and bride side coverage starting from getting ready, on-stage & off-stage, both side family members.

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We have an event out of Chennai – How do you handle the logistics?

Travel & Stay will be additional at actual as the pricing depends on date & time of booking but we also handle all our travel logistics ourselves. Most of our team are based at Chennai, so it is easy for us to travel to any place in the world.

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How many photos will we get?

We don’t have a definite number and it depends on the size of your event. If you have a 2 photographer coverage for 2 sessions, then it tends to be between 4000-7000 photos. We definitely shoot more photos, but we get rid of the shots of the floor and when someone walks in front of the camera. Nobody needs to see those. Those will be deleted.

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We are a great couple, Buy my fiancee is not one to pose for a camera

Shucks. Well, that’s what a pre-discussion before shoot is there for! This helps us to build rapport with you & your fiancee. We learn your good angles and find them on you!

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What if something happens to my photographer or videographer?

Once committed our guys will be there! There are no ifs, why’s and buts. However, if something tragic occurs we would have one of our other best guys fill in so we’ll have you covered.

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What is the booking process?

We follow a text based approach to collect all your event information on whats app, it helps to avoid misinterpretation unlike verbal communication and ensures the event dates and schedule are correct.

You finalize a package with us and then pay 50% advance to block & book dates and the remaining balance 50% is collected on the last day of the main event.

A confirmation email is sent with advance payment receipt & package details, we prefer to have our shoot discussions up to your final deliverable on whats app.

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What is your standard delivery schedule?

3 – 5 days soft copy of all pictures
5 – 10 days few post processed files will be sent to you in Whats App/Google Drive to quickly share your moments with family & friends.
2 – 3 weeks for candid video/film (Song Selection to be done before Event Date)
3 – 4 weeks for traditional/full length video (Song Selection to be done within 7 days from last day of main shoot)
Album: 3 – 4 weeks after getting selected pics

Note: Selected Pics for Album to be sent to us via pendrive/Gdrive/WeTransfer within 50 days from the last date of your main shoot

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Din’t find the answer?

You have more to ask us which is not part of the FAQ, send us an email to ashokarsh@ashokarsh.com or What’s App: +91 82481 26057



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