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Our Principles

Collaborative & No Jerks

We take a highly collaborative approach with our clients. Because this is how we achieve higher levels of performance. We view our clients as co-learners in shared journey. We encourage open and authentic conversations.

Flexible & No Stress Monkeys

Because just like the future is inherently uncertain, not everything in the event can be clearly defined in advance. So we work with our clients in a flexible way.

Excellence & Do the right thing

We believe in slowing down to do to the right things and strive for excellence with a high level of integrity in our methods and practice. We will work hard to maintain the conditions for success, and not compromise the quality of outcomes by taking shortcuts or under-resourcing.

Creativity & Serious Play

We believe in the power of creative processes and serious play: We think the best insights happen when we’re energised and feeling creative, when we’re having fun and in state of flow.


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