We Are Usually Asked About

How do you define your style?

We have an off-the-cuff approach that captures the best of you on your day. We love moments, real moments. Combine them with creative portraits that keep you engaged and moving and you get a coverage of your event that is not only beautiful, but also authentic.

How do I choose the right photographer - What are their differences?

Our photographers are highly trained within the studio and each come with their individual styles. One photographer might be better at photojournalism and another with patterns, fashion, macro and/or fine art photography.

How many photographers & videographers will be at my event?

If you have a 300-600 person crowd, 2 photographers plus one assistant, 1 Videographer is the norm. But then we shoot a lot of events that are unique: we customize the coverage on what you need.

We have a destination event - How do you handle logistics?

Travel & Stay will be additional at actuals as the pricing depends on date & time of booking but we handle all our travel logistics ourselves. We book air travel, hotels and local transportation etc so you don’t have to worry about a thing & provide you with actual bills so you can make the payment. Most of our photographers are based in Chennai, so it is easy for us to travel to any place in the world.

Do you need a shot list?

We have our own shot list that is in the back of our heads as it comes to event details, such as the rituals, the dress, the people and decor details. This is a very important part of the training process and each shot that is typically created at an event gets discussed, tweaked and perfected among-st our team photographers. We have creative meetings at the studio where, for example, we discuss how to perfect the shot for hours.

What we do need to know from you, however, is the portraits that you want us to take. The family groupings that are important to you etc. Also, please let us know about any special features of your event, such as a surprise performance by a headliner or fireworks, sparkler exits and such. A word about table shots: They are so 1987. We don’t do too many of them. Instead we have roaming photographers capturing your guests during the casual hour.

How do you handle traditional group shots?

Every event needs those. Group formals are simply a part of the event as you have a rare opportunity of families getting together. Frankly, as far as photography goes, We do these portraits very well as we always scout the location for the photos and we light them if we are indoors usually the stage (sometimes outdoors too)

How many photos will we get and how long does it take?

We don’t have a definite number and it depends on the size of your event. If you have a 2 photographer coverage for 2 sessions, then it tends to be between 1000-2000 photos. We definitely shoot more photos, but we get rid of the shots of the floor and when someone walks in front of the camera. Nobody needs to see those. Those will be deleted. The photos will be delivered within 7 days after the last day of your event.

Do you shoot RAW and How do you process your files?

We do a lot of culling, editing and juxtaposing – and, well the top photos get a little love in Photoshop (you would never know it!). We have a great team of editors and re-touchers here at Aa that are dedicated to make the photos look great.

We shoot RAW files. RAW files need to be color and exposure corrected. This is done by hand or rather eye. To do this, we use professional grade software as is usual in the pro-photography world. We don’t use prosumer stuff such as Lightroom etc. or Instagram-ish filters to make a quick job of it. The photos we produce go into magazines a lot, so we are used to delivering the best quality possible.

RAW photos are given to you on request at additional cost & for personal use only.

We are a great couple, Buy my fiancee is not one to pose for a camera

Shucks. Well, that’s what a pre-discussion before shoot is there for! This helps us to build rapport with you & your fiancee. You learn your good angles and we find them on you!

What if something happens to my photographer or videographer?

Once committed our guys will be there! There are no ifs, why’s and buts.

However, if something tragic occurs we would have one of our other best guys fill in. We are also well connected in the photography world, so we’ll have you covered.

What is the booking process?

You finalize a package with us and then pay 50% advance to block & book dates and the remaining balance 50% is collected on the last day of the main event.

What is your standard delivery schedule?

Within 1 Week:

Soft copy of unlimited high resolution original files. [From soft copy, you have to select pics for Album]

10 to 20 post processed files will be sent to you in Whats App/Google Drive/Dropbox to share your moments with family & friends.


In 20 Days: [Subject to your approval of songs]

Lip-dub/Cinematic Film: 4 to 10 mins HD video will be uploaded in Gdrive/Youtube/Vimeo

Traditional Video: Full Length HD Blue Ray & Standard DVD with crisp edits

Note: Songs to be provided 7 to 15 days before the start of event


In 40 Days: [From the day we receive selected pics from you]

For Album: A High-Quality Coffee Table Album custom designed by our in-house team based on package selected by you with Online Link

There will be an upcharge for delay in sharing selected pictures for album design as printing & design costs change frequently

Note: Selected Pics to be sent to us via pendrive/Gdrive/WeTransfer within 50 days from the last date of your main shoot

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