Our goal is to document your wedding day with photographs that are authentic and meaningful–or as we say “moments that feel.” We want to tell the story of not only what you experienced but show you all the little moments you missed and blow your mind with beautiful and timeless portraits that evoke a sense of place


As a passionate story-teller, We are obsessed with finding/creating beautiful light and turning sweet moments into stunning imagery. Our philosophy about photography boils down to light, trust and the power of capturing the connection between individuals


We make your brand talk for itself. We understand our client’s business in order to communicate the positive values of the brand. Anyone can ‘capture’ an image, but few can ‘create’ something truly special.

Welcome to Moments by Aa

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We like to have fun, BUT still deliver top results. If everyone is smiling, you can’t go wrong.

By uniquely intertwining proficiency and creativity, we ensure incomparable and everlasting imagery. Through gentle direction and guidance, we ensure you will look your absolute best on the most important day of your life. We are unmatched when it comes to creating a story with your treasured moments.

  • Experienced photographers & not Amateur!
  • Cinematographers from film industry
  • Upgraded Camera & Gear
  • Well designed Backup to preserve your moments
  • Custom Designed High Quality Albums
  • On-time delivery

Clients & Testimonials

  • As they say “The cake gets eaten, the flowers & decorations get removed, its the wedding photos that last for ever reminding you of your favorite day”!

    Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding! And when it came to Shiva and I, we decided to alter our wedding dates to suit AA’s availability =)

    Easily one of the best in Chennai, this team has super passionate, ever-smiling, extremely talented, ultra creative photographers who leave a lasting impression with the kind of work they bring in! The flavor they add to the photos and to the wedding in general, the monumental effort they take in keeping the mood happy around the bride, groom and guests, brings out the best in you and you never feel like you have to make an effort to smile at the camera! Honestly, they were more like friends to us, very adjusting and the professionalism they brought with them was something every bride and groom should witness!

    AA is not just photography, its an experience, an ever-lasting one that captures the best moments of your wedding in the most creative way possible!

    Love you AA team and thanks a ton for everything!”

    Madhu Siva
  • Such a fun team to work with. This unassuming team comes packed with truckloads of talent. Simply the best pictures, nothing less. Also adapts to the event without a demand and makes the most of what is available. I believe that hiring them was the best decision we made. Kudos Aa Team, Keep raising your bar to new levels! I would recommend Moments by Aa to anyone looking for a great photographer.

    Pooja Velmani
  • If there is something beyond the 5 stars. Such a lovely team 🙂 Without any hesitation and looking back, I prefer them for all my events. Be ready to receive the surprise outputs everytime you receive your pictures. Equipped, patient, comfortable and most talented team. All the very best 🙂 looking for more and more 🙂 stay colourful stay Moments by Aa:)

    Swetha Renukumar
  • One of my friends got married and you were the photographer. I saw the pictures and was wondering if it were posters from a movie!!! Thats the day I realised that when i get married, it should be you who should make my memories live forever through the Photos. One of my friends got married and you were the photographer. I saw the pictures and was wondering if it were posters from a movie!!! Thats the day I realised that when i get married, it should be you who should make my memories live forever through the Photos.

    Aish Thiru
  • Had a really great experience. Their work is absolutely awesome !! Click 😀

    Divya Madhan
  • 5 starts are seriously not at all enough for Moments by Aa..Just the day after my engagement, he sent me few pictures of my event and I was like WOW… I haven’t seen pics like this before… it’s through his lens that makes the difference.. His pictures are so magical and the edit he gives is so beautiful. The dedication that his team provides is beyond expectations… If you have got his dates free for your wedding, u be the luckiest…

  • You are so lucky if you got Ashok Anna dates for your wedding and yes, it did happen to me 🙂 Ashok talks less and lets his camera do the talking. The magic he creates post the photography is something quite amazing. Right from our Sangeet function to wedding, Ashok and his team’s commitment towards work was way beyond our expectations. Wedding is indeed a memorable occasion in anyone’s life and it was made even more memorable by the moments captured through Ashok’s Lens.

    Thank you Ashok Anna and team for giving us the best output.
    We are really really Happy 🙂 🙂

    Srividhya Muthukumar


Our work that make us smile, and sometimes laugh out loud. These are the spontaneous moments that make us human. From silly moments, to bouts of laughter and everything in between, this page is sure to make you laugh. Celebrations are fun, a time when all of the people you love come together under one roof and let it all hang out.

More About Us

Attention to Details

Photographing the details is something that is often overlooked. Not with us. We understand the immense planning and thought that has gone into every single detail. We feel it is just as important to photograph these elements. Often, it’s these photos that will stoke your senses years later, and bring you right back to your memorable day.

Things that make magic happen

Our photography style is a combination between photojournalism and fine-art photography with a touch of fashion and creative lighting. Our photographs are inspired by light, color (and the lack of), techniques from Black & White processing, vintage photos, creative perspective and of course most importantly, the personalities of the people we photograph! We strive to create timeless, storytelling photographs that will help you and your family capture the most important moments of your life that will stay with you eternally.

Our experience

Wedding - 6+ years
Films - 5+ years
Lifestyle - 3+ years
Corporate – 2+ years